Raging Rhino Podcast

Raging Rhino Podcast

Burly. Surly. Thick-skinned

Year: 2018

A look at the latest group to try to force us to conform to their morality.

This podcast opens with a toast to the memory of Stan Lee, then I rant about people who are way too obsessed with how other’s choose to live.

We finally took a vacation to New England so Gina could show me where she spent most of her childhood and early adulthood; little did we know the emotions in store for us.

This is the debut of “Shit I Don’t Want to Talk About” on topics I would prefer to avoid but can’t. This first taste is a look at how distortions and misrepresentations are putting the good people on edge.

This is the debut of the Raging Rhino Retro Review, a look back at a movie from the past, in this case 2013’s Man of Steel. Spoilers ahead for this movie as well as Superman II and… Marvel’s Avengers?  

It’s simple, really. All I have to do is repeat what y’all say to each other.

This podcast is all about the basics. Last episode I talked about how my personal experiences led to my current point of view; this podcast is about the overall philosophy. I also talk about some minor changes I’ve considered implementing for a while and decided now is a good time to start.  

I’ve talked about pieces of the puzzle over the years, but this podcast is personal. It’s all about me, the hows and whys of the podcast, and some hints at the future.

Just a little stream of consciousness.

A brief moment at the opening to say goodbye to one of the favorite TV stars of my youth. Then, the subtle lesson a classic movie teaches us.

What do art, the color green, gay marriage, free-range parenting, and self-defense have in common? Beginning with Peanuts and ending with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I’ll explain.

Can you trust where that information comes from?  Are you sure about that?

A tax cut is good, but what we really need is tax demolition.