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Things on opposite ends may not be as far apart as you’re led to believe.

After my last podcast on January 1, I took a two month hiatus because “what could possibly happen?” This podcast focuses on what happened in January while I was away: the Capitol Riot and the beginning of the Biden regime.

Wonder Woman 1984 debuted on Christmas Day; here’s what I think about it. SPOILER FILLED.

A look at the tactics of McCarthyism and their hauntingly familiar modern day counterpart.

I went over my self-imposed time restriction this month because there’s a lot to say. Not entirely what you think it is based on the title, this is a podcast filled with analogies, red flags, & there is an abundant use of “C” words.

The past few months I’ve been talking about the dangers of the encroaching collectivist factions on our lives. Here is a microcosm of one in action.

This was not an easy one; the research made me ill.  A cringe-inducing in-depth look at the Nazi Party platform of World War II.  See how nefarious they really are from an angle most people do not see.