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Things on opposite ends may not be as far apart as you’re led to believe.

A little bit about a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months.

I put on my contrarian hat for a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to Earth Day. Oh, and I get briefly sidetracked.

After my last podcast on January 1, I took a two month hiatus because “what could possibly happen?” This podcast focuses on what happened in January while I was away: the Capitol Riot and the beginning of the Biden regime.

What happens if Joe Biden becomes president? Some of the following predictions seem obvious but others will seem outright crazy. The craziness comes from an amalgam of things the candidates or their supporters have said/done as well as historical precedent. The predictions are also on an accelerated timeline; condensing several decades into the next 8…

I went over my self-imposed time restriction this month because there’s a lot to say. Not entirely what you think it is based on the title, this is a podcast filled with analogies, red flags, & there is an abundant use of “C” words.

It is the 10th Anniversary of this podcast. The first half of the episode is the story of why I started the podcast; plus, I individually thank everyone who has ever told me they listened to an episode. The second half is what’s changed in the past decade, what hasn’t, and what I wish would.

This podcast opens with a toast to the memory of Stan Lee, then I rant about people who are way too obsessed with how other’s choose to live.

Just a little stream of consciousness.

This was not an easy one; the research made me ill.  A cringe-inducing in-depth look at the Nazi Party platform of World War II.  See how nefarious they really are from an angle most people do not see.

How the collectivists worm their way into our lives.

What started as a memory in honor of the loss of Chris Cornell turned into a monologue on my generation and the generations before and after.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am getting some frustration off my chest. Catharsis.

Way back in podcast #4 I talked about immigration.  Things have changed since then.

With all the political preening, posturing, and protesting, I can guarantee on thing: I don’t trust any of it.

I need a break from the morass of politics, so this is a bit of a 2016 year in review that’s about 60% fun, 20% sad, and 20% politics. Oh, and a warning – I get really really loud about 16:20 into the podcast.

Doing things a little different this time.  This podcast is a commentary on a TED Talk from Dan Pallotta on rethinking how we look at charity.  While I cite his speech regularly, for a thorough understanding of his point of view, I highly recommend clicking the link and giving his ideas a listen in conjunction…

How a very unpleasant recent experience made me take a slightly different look at the 2016 elections. This is one I would like you to listen to and share before Election Day if possible.

Part pop-culture, part politics, this podcast has a spoiler-filled review of Suicide Squad and political musings inspired by the movie.

Two big political parties, too controlling.