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Back to politics for this month. This is actually a bunch of little things that have been on my mind for a while that I threw together.

This podcast, I talk about our recent trip to New Mexico including recommended restaurants & activities. 89.9% Politics FREE!!

Things on opposite ends may not be as far apart as you’re led to believe.

A little bit about a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months.

After my last podcast on January 1, I took a two month hiatus because “what could possibly happen?” This podcast focuses on what happened in January while I was away: the Capitol Riot and the beginning of the Biden regime.

What happens if Jo Jorgensen defies the odds and becomes president? Some of the predictions seem obvious but others will seem outright crazy. The craziness comes from an amalgam of things the candidates or their supporters have said/done, historical precedent, and a hell of a lot of theory. The predictions are also on an accelerated…

This podcast began in 2010 out of my need to work through the anger, confusion, and frustration. History has repeated itself, so I’m taking the next 32 minutes to vent.

Thinking about the past and the present and what it means for the future. You may want to pour yourself a drink for this one.

For what it’s worth, thoughts on how we ought to get together prior to the eve of destruction.

100% politics FULL This is a brief follow up to last month’s podcast wondering what’s going to happen next with the pan(ic)demic.

I went over my self-imposed time restriction this month because there’s a lot to say. Not entirely what you think it is based on the title, this is a podcast filled with analogies, red flags, & there is an abundant use of “C” words.

It is the 10th Anniversary of this podcast. The first half of the episode is the story of why I started the podcast; plus, I individually thank everyone who has ever told me they listened to an episode. The second half is what’s changed in the past decade, what hasn’t, and what I wish would.

Political foolishness bookended by tragedy in this order: Kobe Bryant, Ricky Gervais, State of the Union, Impeachment, and Orson Bean

Sometimes I clean out the fridge by making a “Frankensmoothie:” various fruits, veggies, and juices thrown into a blender. This is the podcast equivalent using movies, comic books, impeachment, and climate debate.

What started out as a look at the latest media darlings became the realization that nothing changes. Nothing ever changes.

Why would an openly bisexual male feel like an outcast during Pride Month and what do holidays have to do with it?

Back to politics this month (sorry, id), a stream of consciousness about people who place blame and people who are to blame.

This podcast opens with a toast to the memory of Stan Lee, then I rant about people who are way too obsessed with how other’s choose to live.

This is the debut of the Raging Rhino Retro Review, a look back at a movie from the past, in this case 2013’s Man of Steel. Spoilers ahead for this movie as well as Superman II and… Marvel’s Avengers?  

It’s simple, really. All I have to do is repeat what y’all say to each other.