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A little bit about a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months.

In this podcast I talk about plans for an upcoming two-month hiatus and “congratulate” the political parties and their voters for all they’ve done this year. How do televangelists and zombies fit in to it? You’ll have to listen to find out.

This podcast began in 2010 out of my need to work through the anger, confusion, and frustration. History has repeated itself, so I’m taking the next 32 minutes to vent.

I discuss my love for the 1976 classic film Network and pull quotes from the movie that I find have a profound insight on the media of today.

100% politics FULL This is a brief follow up to last month’s podcast wondering what’s going to happen next with the pan(ic)demic.

Back to politics this month (sorry, id), a stream of consciousness about people who place blame and people who are to blame.

Just a little stream of consciousness.

A tax cut is good, but what we really need is tax demolition.

How the collectivists worm their way into our lives.

What started as a memory in honor of the loss of Chris Cornell turned into a monologue on my generation and the generations before and after.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am getting some frustration off my chest. Catharsis.

Post mortem on the 2016 presidential election

How a very unpleasant recent experience made me take a slightly different look at the 2016 elections. This is one I would like you to listen to and share before Election Day if possible.

Part pop-culture, part politics, this podcast has a spoiler-filled review of Suicide Squad and political musings inspired by the movie.

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, a monologue about LGBT liberties, religious freedom, and gun rights.

Politics, religion, sex, they’ll find any excuse to divide us.  How we respond will define us.

Special thanks to The Bladtcast for unknowingly giving me the inspiration for this month’s episode.  This is an assortment of topics with one thing in common: they all have people that make me want to say “fuck you.”  

Two big political parties, too controlling.