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Thinking about the past and the present and what it means for the future. You may want to pour yourself a drink for this one.

A brief moment at the opening to say goodbye to one of the favorite TV stars of my youth. Then, the subtle lesson a classic movie teaches us.

This was not an easy one; the research made me ill.  A cringe-inducing in-depth look at the Nazi Party platform of World War II.  See how nefarious they really are from an angle most people do not see.

What started as a memory in honor of the loss of Chris Cornell turned into a monologue on my generation and the generations before and after.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am getting some frustration off my chest. Catharsis.

Post mortem on the 2016 presidential election

Commentary on the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and the reactions on both sides.  

A discussion about where the hell that title came from, the Indiana religious protection legislation (and the backlash to it), and the mistakes of the founding fathers.