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Back to politics for this month. This is actually a bunch of little things that have been on my mind for a while that I threw together.

45.6% of this podcast is a relatively quick review of the Matrix Quadrilogy, the remaining 54.4% is sociopolitical interpretations of the movies.

What happens if Donald Trump is re-elected? Some of the following predictions seem obvious but others will seem outright crazy. The craziness comes from an amalgam of things the candidates or their supporters have said/done as well as historical precedent. The predictions are also on an accelerated timeline; condensing several decades into the next 4…

Thinking about the past and the present and what it means for the future. You may want to pour yourself a drink for this one.

An unwanted topic for this month due to the events and reactions of early October.

What started as a memory in honor of the loss of Chris Cornell turned into a monologue on my generation and the generations before and after.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am getting some frustration off my chest. Catharsis.

Way back in podcast #4 I talked about immigration.  Things have changed since then.

Post mortem on the 2016 presidential election

How a very unpleasant recent experience made me take a slightly different look at the 2016 elections. This is one I would like you to listen to and share before Election Day if possible.

Part pop-culture, part politics, this podcast has a spoiler-filled review of Suicide Squad and political musings inspired by the movie.

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, a monologue about LGBT liberties, religious freedom, and gun rights.

Two big political parties, too controlling.

A small protest, a large protest, and a critique of the first two Hangover movies. Wait… what?!?

How the mind of an ancient Roman dictator is helping destroy the ideals of individual liberty & personal responsibility.  Plus, I cleverly sneak in movie recommendations.

I wanted this to be a light-hearted, fun, irreverent podcast about sexuality, but something happened along the way…

How do I string together Caitlyn Jenner, private personal data, and war? Listen & find out.

Sometimes the decisions made are wrong.