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What happens if Jo Jorgensen defies the odds and becomes president? Some of the predictions seem obvious but others will seem outright crazy. The craziness comes from an amalgam of things the candidates or their supporters have said/done, historical precedent, and a hell of a lot of theory. The predictions are also on an accelerated…

For what it’s worth, thoughts on how we ought to get together prior to the eve of destruction.

Political foolishness bookended by tragedy in this order: Kobe Bryant, Ricky Gervais, State of the Union, Impeachment, and Orson Bean

This podcast is all about the basics. Last episode I talked about how my personal experiences led to my current point of view; this podcast is about the overall philosophy. I also talk about some minor changes I’ve considered implementing for a while and decided now is a good time to start.  

How the collectivists worm their way into our lives.

I need a break from the morass of politics, so this is a bit of a 2016 year in review that’s about 60% fun, 20% sad, and 20% politics. Oh, and a warning – I get really really loud about 16:20 into the podcast.

Quarterbacks.  Anthems.  Controversies.

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, a monologue about LGBT liberties, religious freedom, and gun rights.

Special thanks to The Bladtcast for unknowingly giving me the inspiration for this month’s episode.  This is an assortment of topics with one thing in common: they all have people that make me want to say “fuck you.”  

Two big political parties, too controlling.

How the mind of an ancient Roman dictator is helping destroy the ideals of individual liberty & personal responsibility.  Plus, I cleverly sneak in movie recommendations.

First the government takes your rights, then they try to trick you into swapping other rights before they return the ones they already stole.  What a scam!