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A little bit about a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months.

100% politics FULL This is a brief follow up to last month’s podcast wondering what’s going to happen next with the pan(ic)demic.

It is the 10th Anniversary of this podcast. The first half of the episode is the story of why I started the podcast; plus, I individually thank everyone who has ever told me they listened to an episode. The second half is what’s changed in the past decade, what hasn’t, and what I wish would.

Back to politics this month (sorry, id), a stream of consciousness about people who place blame and people who are to blame.

It’s simple, really. All I have to do is repeat what y’all say to each other.

This podcast is all about the basics. Last episode I talked about how my personal experiences led to my current point of view; this podcast is about the overall philosophy. I also talk about some minor changes I’ve considered implementing for a while and decided now is a good time to start.  

I’ve talked about pieces of the puzzle over the years, but this podcast is personal. It’s all about me, the hows and whys of the podcast, and some hints at the future.

How the collectivists worm their way into our lives.

What started as a memory in honor of the loss of Chris Cornell turned into a monologue on my generation and the generations before and after.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am getting some frustration off my chest. Catharsis.

This month’s podcast has commentary on events that mostly befuddle me:  Red Eye’s cancellation, the United overbooked passenger controversy, Earth Day, and others.

Doing things a little different this time.  This podcast is a commentary on a TED Talk from Dan Pallotta on rethinking how we look at charity.  While I cite his speech regularly, for a thorough understanding of his point of view, I highly recommend clicking the link and giving his ideas a listen in conjunction…

Quarterbacks.  Anthems.  Controversies.

In the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, a monologue about LGBT liberties, religious freedom, and gun rights.

Politics, religion, sex, they’ll find any excuse to divide us.  How we respond will define us.

Two big political parties, too controlling.

I wanted this to be a light-hearted, fun, irreverent podcast about sexuality, but something happened along the way…

What (or who) is creeping me out this Halloween?

Commentary on the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and the reactions on both sides.  

A mixture of unrelated topics.  Just wanted to get them out of the way.

A discussion about where the hell that title came from, the Indiana religious protection legislation (and the backlash to it), and the mistakes of the founding fathers.