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Taking a quick look at a bunch of DC movies & TV shows in the recent past, the present, the near future, and some that will never be.

This time around I’m sharing my thoughts on my favorite sport, why I think you should give it a try, and a recap of my team winning it all this year.

A look at a few fairy tales and their original endings and how they apply to today.

Back into politics this month, featuring a topic I’ve purposely avoided for the past 12+ years, various things that have happened recently that have aggravated me, and just to give me an excuse to not talk politics for a few moments – my recipe for chili. But first, a farewell to two legends in their…

This podcast begins with a tribute to the late, great, George Perez.  Rest in Peace. Then, in my continuing attempt to avoid the frustration of talking politics, I once again find an excuse. Gina & I returned to our favorite summer getaway after a three year absence. I talk about new things we’ve found, old…

This is a spoiler filled podcast on The Batman, what I liked, what I didn’t, and how I thought these characters stacked up against their counterparts in previous franchises. The final 10:30 of the podcast expands on my comments about the political corruption that were touched on in The Bladtcast #482 and includes and additional…

As you can tell by the title, this episode is about the child star of Meatballs and My Bodyguard. Just kidding; it’s a spoiler filled episode about the recently completed season 1 of Peacemaker. The first 74.5% of the podcast is politics free! I’ll give you a warning when the political talk begins.

45.6% of this podcast is a relatively quick review of the Matrix Quadrilogy, the remaining 54.4% is sociopolitical interpretations of the movies.

A spoiler-filled review of Ghostbusters: Afterlife as well as thoughts on all the movies in the franchise. 96% politics free!!!!

This podcast, I revisit one of my favorite movies. Spoilers ahead for a nearly 80-year-old movie that you really should have already seen. Plus, starting at 22:40, I have a take on the ending that you may have never heard before (at least, I’ve never heard it anywhere else). 94.8% Politics FREE!!

This podcast, I talk about our recent trip to New Mexico including recommended restaurants & activities. 89.9% Politics FREE!!

Things on opposite ends may not be as far apart as you’re led to believe.

Spoiler filled podcast for The Suicide Squad. 97.8% politics free (c’mon, you can put up with it for 42 seconds)!

A little bit about a lot of things on my mind the last couple of months.

99.9% politics free! Gina & I have traveled to 37 states & 6 countries in the past 20 years. What were our best vacation days? Where would you have to pay me to return? Where can I get a good burger? Fried chicken? Pie? Bacon? What are our rules for eating on vacation? Where is…

I put on my contrarian hat for a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to Earth Day. Oh, and I get briefly sidetracked.

Sure, I’ll tell you what I like and didn’t like about the Snyder Cut and how it is vastly superior to the theatrical release, but also why my 40+ years of reading DC Comics makes it easier to accept multiple versions of the same story. 100% Politics Free!

After my two-month hiatus, I started working on new material on March 1 and realize there is enough for two podcasts. The next day, I had enough material for a third with Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing the end to the mask mandate.

After my last podcast on January 1, I took a two month hiatus because “what could possibly happen?” This podcast focuses on what happened in February: living through Texas’ SNOVID-21 and the passing of Rush Limbaugh.

After my last podcast on January 1, I took a two month hiatus because “what could possibly happen?” This podcast focuses on what happened in January while I was away: the Capitol Riot and the beginning of the Biden regime.