Raging Rhino Podcast

Raging Rhino Podcast

Burly. Surly. Thick-skinned

Year: 2023

Spoiler filled review of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Also, I briefly review each DCEU movie and update my rankings. Finally, some thoughts on the upcoming Gunniverse.  

A little review of our recent trip to Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

Back to politics for this month. This is actually a bunch of little things that have been on my mind for a while that I threw together.

This is a spoiler filled review of the Blue Beetle. Unlike the last DC movie I reviewed (see podcast 159), I recommend this one. Go see it!

Nina, a.k.a. Little Old Lady Kitty, who has been with us for over 21 years recently passed away. This sweet little cat deserves to have a podcast devoted to her.

Not a full podcast, just 5 1/2 minutes to make one last thought on Podcast 159: I would submit that Barry Allen is probably the most important character to modern fans of superheroes.

From my first comic book to the just released movie, I talk about Flash. Comics, TV, and of course the movie with spoilers all over the place.

A travelogue on our recent trip to Fort Worth & the surrounding area.

Spoiler filled talk about Shazam: Fury of the Gods and my thoughts on the new slate of DC movies & TV shows.

A continuation of my previous podcast, I thought I was handling my grief. I was wrong. This is my story about admitting I needed help.

This extended episode is all about my mother who passed away on Christmas Eve, growing up as her son, her influence on me, and how dementia affected her later years.